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To get your free copy of Connected Kids Coloring Book #1 and #2, visit our Software Download Site and follow the instructions for downloading our coloring books.

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Free Coloring Pages

Free print and color coloring pages. Pictures for the young preschool artist as well as older artist. Just click on a picture to make it LARGE and color it with your favorite software or by hand.

Free Gallery of Pictures

Mail or e-mail your favorite coloring page to Connected Lines and we will display your coloring page in our gallery for free.

FREE Software Coloring Book #1 Our Free Sampler

Software Coloring Book # 1 is a collection of 20 electronic coloring pages, which may be printed and colored by hand or colored using the software's paint palette. It includes animals, flowers, automobiles, airplanes, and scenic sites.

FREE Software Coloring Book #2 A to Z

Coloring Book # 2 contains 26 electronic coloring pages designed for preschool children, which illustrate the letters A through Z. Each page contains one letter in an easy to color illustration. All pictures included in this book may be printed and colored by hand or colored using the software's paint palette.

Software Coloring Book #3 Wildlife

Coloring Book # 3 is a collection of 50 realistic electronic coloring pages of wildlife. This book includes birds, frogs, butterflies, deer, moose, bears, squirrels, and many more.

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